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Offices Number 801-804
Regency Khartoum Hotel
Al-Qasr Avenue. P.O. Box 1716
Khartoum, Sudan

+ 249 120 344 428




Real Estate Development



Agyal Real Estate Management Co Ltd (ARM)


Agyal Real Estate Management Co Ltd (ARM) is a property developer created with equity in the form of land assets as well as capital.

ARM was created to find the best investments for the various real estate assets of the Group as well as to find the best practice for streaming operations and choosing the best management teams for project management & operate the various facilities under one name.

ARM also aims to minimize administrative overhead and ensure maximum utilization of existing assets and expertise. ARM fulfils the function of a project management headquarters, where strategy and policy cohesion are ensured for all real estate development projects within KOI.

Additionally ARM is responsible for identifying partners and expertise in real estate development both within & outside Sudan



At present there are two Business Plans that are based on utilizing 2,622 m2 property strategically located in Downtown Khartoum. The property is open to two main roads, Sayyid Abdelrahman St on the front and Oct 21 on the back.

        >  Medical facility: with a built area of 600m2 and total land area of 800m2
        >  Multi Use Development: twin towers with a budget of over $20,000,000