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Offices Number 801-804
Regency Khartoum Hotel
Al-Qasr Avenue. P.O. Box 1716
Khartoum, Sudan

+ 249 120 344 428





Uncompromising dedication to quality


Khalil Osman Agriculture


Khalil Osman Agriculture and Animal Industrialization Co Ltd (KOAAI)

Khalil Osman Agriculture formed Sultan Agriculture Production as an investment into the Agriculture Industry. Active in the Sudanese agriculture industry for over 30 years producing a range of products of which Mangoes, Guava and Lemons were the most notable.

KOA has created SAP to increase productivity and quality.



To establish an intensive agricultural production facility, producing premium quality products for both national and international customers

To continuously produce and deliver to our customers high quality nutritious fruits and vegetables

To cultivate Dates, Mangos, Lime and Guava orchards and deliver fresh products locally and internationally


visit website: www.koagriculture.com